Best-selling and award-winning book, The Wellness-Empowered Woman™, is part female empowerment, part professional development, and part health and wellness, as Passion Fit founder and CEO, Reena Vokoun, guides you through a journey to personal and professional success.

After years attempting to balance marriage, work, and motherhood, while facing failures, burnout, and health issues, Reena came full circle to her passions. She describes her transformation as she reinvented herself professionally, while maintaining her personal authenticity. Her story and those of her clients show women how to embark on their own journeys of transformation, fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

Through Reena’s unique holistic approach to wellness, you’ll discover:

By the end, you’ll understand what it means to be a wellness-empowered woman, ready to pursue your passions, be fit, and live your best life personally and professionally.

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Reena Vokoun, founder and CEO of Passion Fit, is an author, TEDx speaker, media spokesperson, certified wellness expert, personal and professional development coach and consultant, content creator and marketer. She’s also a wife and mom and lives in California.

Her experiences and work through Passion Fit have inspired her to write this book. The mission of Passion Fit is to empower women to flourish both personally and professionally through wellness. To learn more about the company’s product, service and content offerings, visit





Reena’s own journey through self-discovery to lead a balanced life and prioritizing her mental and physical health is truly inspiring. The Wellness-Empowered Woman is full of helpful takeaways and is a great reference guide that I can continue to use whenever I am in need of rebalancing!

Meredith Momoda

Vice President, Creative Partnerships at NBC Universal and Former Executive at Disney, Yahoo, Discovery Communications, and Oprah Winfrey Network

Brava to Reena for her rallying cry to "keep moving." Finding my sacred place in the ballet studio as a lifelong hobby amplified my "passion and purpose" from the workplace to the boardroom. Everyone should read this playbook for stimulating your real passions and empowering your life.

Bonita Stewart

Vice President, Global Partnerships at Google and Co-Author of A Blessing: Women of Color Teaming Up to Lead, Empower and Thrive

In The Wellness-Empowered Woman, Reena addresses a unique cross-section of personal and professional development, empowerment, and wellness at a time when these tools are more needed than ever. This book will fill you with ideas about how to transform your life.

Jennifer Dulski

CEO and Founder at Rising Team, Author of Purposeful and Former Executive at Facebook,, Google, and Yahoo

Reena’s passion for fitness is infectious, and her ideas for staying happy and healthy are ones that any equally busy working mom can use to instantly enrich her life. Her advice is the kind you want to and can act upon immediately—and it's most welcome at this time when mental and physical fitness have taken a backseat to work and family.

Meredith Bodgas

Lead Editor at Toptal, Former Editor-in-Chief at Working Mother Magazine and Former Editor for Hearst, Condé Nast, and Bauer

Reena Vokoun knows how challenging it is to try to do it all. Her heartfelt, personal story of awakening and transformation shows positive change is possible. Reena offers powerful reflection questions that invite us to consider choices and options that could transform our chaotic lives into more balanced, healthy and empowered lives. Reena is the coach and cheerleader we wish we all had.

Mary Oleksy

Women in Management Groups Program Manager and Associate Director for Strategy and Curricular Support, Stanford Graduate School of Business

It’s become common advice to ‘follow your passion,’ but no one really explains what that looks like in a practical sense. And sure, we all know we’re supposed to eat better, drink more water and get more sleep in an effort to live a happier, healthier life, but where does that fit into our over-worked, over-scheduled lives? In The Wellness-Empowered Woman, Reena Vokoun expertly weaves her own experience into actionable steps in each chapter to help any woman achieve her own personal best. As a busy woman trying to balance her career, marriage and motherhood, Reena has the relatable voice of a friend sitting next to you in a coffee shop. Her advice is nonjudgmental and acknowledges that we’re all just trying to do our best while also giving us the tools we need to start feeling more fulfilled. The Wellness-Empowered Woman is a must-read for every woman out there tired of trying to be everything to everyone.

Kristi Dosh

President and Publicist at Guide My Brand, Author of Saturday Millionaires and Former ESPN Sports Business Reporter

Everyone talks about work/life balance, integration, or some variation of leading a life where your heart, mind, body and soul feel connected and aligned. While this is easy to say, it is so much harder to do. Reena writes a supremely practical guide for bringing things together, and she does it without judgment. Speaking from personal experience, she guides the reader through actionable steps to examine your life as it is today, imagine how it could evolve to be healthy and nourishing in every sense, and then help you get from here to there. This is a fantastic read for anyone, especially if you're experiencing burnout, stress, or another blocker to living your best life.

Lexi Reese

Gusto COO and Former Executive at Google, Facebook, and American Express

Are you tired of being overworked, exhausted and unhealthy?